Saturday, 7 November 2015

Ideas for anyone who is convinced about beliefs that others disagree with.

I have noticed that many people are convinced about beliefs, even though others are equally convinced of beliefs that contradict them.  They all have their evidence, so you're not going to change their view by arguing with them.  Each person has to examine their own thoughts.  Here are some ideas.

Consider why others disagree with you, and try and understand their point of view.  Are they just as convinced as you are?  Do they think they have just as much evidence as you have?  Have they taken as much effort questioning and trying to disprove their beliefs as you have?  Do they have the same beliefs as their parents, or did they arrive at their conclusions through independent research?

Be honest with yourself.  Dig deep and consider whether your goal is really to know the truth, or just to protect your beliefs?

Truth is stronger than a diamond.
Truth is stronger than a diamond.  No matter how much you question or test it, it will remain unchanged.  It does not require constant affirmation or faith in order to exist.

Try to disprove your beliefs.  If you only try to prove, but not disprove your beliefs, you will believe anything.  Anyone who tries hard enough to find evidence for their beliefs will find it, regardless of what that belief is.

Search Google for counter-arguments.  There is no need to be afraid.  If those beliefs really are true, then the stronger evidence and answers that you find will verify that, and increase those beliefs.  If the beliefs are not entirely true and you find evidence against them, or logical problems, then you would have been better off without those beliefs in the first place.

Read books on critical thinking.  Learn about cognitive dissonance and how it affects your thinking.  Learn about logical fallacies, overcoming cognitive biases, open mindedness, the scientific method and double blind, randomized, controlled trials.  Read about persuasion and cult tactics.

Get away from everything that influences your beliefs for a month.  Travel to another country and spend your time with people who have completely different beliefs.

Never stop learning.

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