Sunday, 11 October 2015

List of YouTube channels to improve thinking skills

In an earlier blog post I listed books that can help to improve thinking skills.  I find that disagreeing with people hardly ever ends well, and often leads to people feeling even stronger about their beliefs, having put so much effort into defending them.  So I prefer to just share information and hope that people will arrive at better conclusions by themselves.

Perhaps some people would like to improve their thinking by watching videos, so here are a list of YouTube channels which can help to improve your thinking skills:

QualiaSoup makes easy to follow videos, often related to thinking, like his Critical Thinking and Open-mindedness videos.
Kevin deLeplante uploads lots of  critical thinking, logic and fallacy related videos.
Julia Galef is president and co-founder of the Center for Applied Rationality.  She uploads a short video once a week or so on something interesting.
James Randi Foundation.  James Randi is a magician, who understands how our minds can be tricked and likes to share information about critical thinking.
Bo Bennett has a channel listing a number of critical thinking related videos.

Interesting videos

Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson teaches the CVS2BVS switch.  This is a very simple, but effective strategy from his free PDF book, Software for your Brain.
My video on critical thinking
Edward de Bono's thinking course

Other channels that may be of interest

Science Literacy (A new channel)
Skeptic Magazine
TED (Interesting talks)
Massimo Pigliucci (A philosopher)

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